Aileen is a modern Scottish artist whose diverse work ranges from very vibrant, colourful paintings in acrylic and oil, to monochromatic portrait pieces in pencil, charcoal and graphite.

A self-taught paint and pencil artist, Aileen took a break from creating art in 2010 to study and gain her qualification in Art & Design.  Her skills now include digital and graphic art, animation and photography, but her first love is still for traditional methods.


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My inspiration comes from anything which evokes emotion or reaction, whether it be personal, social, people, places or words. Everything has beauty in some form, but recognising it can be difficult.

My paintings of emotion and places are noted for their vibrancy. Some emotions and issues are dream-like, and some can take you to a ‘dark place’.

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My Work

I have been drawing and painting for as long as I remember and from  my early teens I began using my art work as a means of communicating and releasing my thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

Although I have studied digital art and animation at college, and enjoyed the challenge of this media, my primary  passion is still for paint, pencil and charcoal artwork.

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Portraits, Places and Visual Emotion

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